The Cream Of the Crop

Here at The Mad Utter we don't settle for less than "utterly delicious" flavors. All of our ice cream is made with only the finest ingredients. You'd be MAD not to try them all!
We are fully loaded when it comes to flavors. This is our list of every flavor we have ever made. Miss one? Let us know and we'll try to bring it back for you!
Homemade with the best vanilla flavor
The best of the best, come and get it
Dark Chocolate
Homemade with the best chocolate around
Pink Velvet
Our take on a traditional red velvet
Mint Scout
Our mint would even make a girl scout jealous
Oreo Truffle
A cookies n'cream that will knock your socks off
Peanut butter cup
Your favorite candy turned up to 11
Don't "Dough" Me Dirty
The best cookie dough you've had
Irish Brownie
Nothing better than a brownie smothered in Irish cream
Mocha Madness
The love child of coffee and chocolate mixed in with delicious brownies
Utterly Nutty
Hazelnut like you've never had it
COCo Chip
Chocolate chips drowned in our best chocolate
A Godzilla amount of chocolate chips in our finest vanilla
Snickers in a twist 
The great flavors of a Snicker bar twisted up in our best vanilla ice cream