The Utter



We just love the cream!

It is our goal at The Mad Utter to brighten the day of those who walk through our doors with our feel-good products. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that shows our customers that they are a part of our family just as we are a part of theirs. In doing so we hope to leave them with a smile, a full heart and a memory that they will never forget.


It's what's after dinner that matters 

The Mad Utter was created to honor the memory of Carolyn Schreiber after her passing in August of 2017. Her love for her family was only matched by her passion for cooking and sweets. Her passing left a huge hole not only in our family but also our hearts. In July of 2018, her grandson sought to fill this hole with what Schreibers know best... ice cream. It came about by his family's love of ice cream and his grandmother's unwillingness to let him skip dessert. The Mad Utter, a small-town creamery in Titusville, Florida was officially born. Carolyn valued many things but most importantly was the moments spent with family. Our Family hopes you can experience the same love and joy we had over a scoop of ice cream.

Join our family so we can be there for your special moments.